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Open Studio 

On this occasion, Sierralta and Alvarado will present their most recent and in-progress work that ranges from photography to video to drawing and plastic arts. For both artists, the observation of the mundane and the intimate is a drive for their practices. It will be a night of dialog, mixtures and overlaps between themes, methods and media, and to that end New York-based Venezuelan musician Ernesto Brando will be performing and improvising alongside one of the exhibited video projects, and in conversation with fellow Venezuelan musician and bassist Fernando Colombet.  

Florencia Alvarado & Diego Sierralta

Florencia Alvarado

Born in 1984 in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Studied Graphic Design in La Universidad del Zulia. Moved to Buenos Aires in 2007 to study graphic design and photography. Her most recent solo work, Time After Time, was exhibited at MACZUL (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia) and Hacienda La Trinidad in Caracas. She works and collaborates with artists in different countries, and has shown her work in Brazil, Spain, Colombia and the UK. Currently lives and works in New York.

Diego Sierralta

Born in 1981 in California and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Studied Graphic Design in La Universidad del Zulia. Moved to New York in 2008, where he completed the General Studies program at The International Center of Photography School. After working in commercial photography for several years, his work has most recently delved into drawing and illustration. He has participated in several exhibitions in Venezuela, Spain and New York, including most recently the Camera Club of New York’s 2017 benefit auction. Lives and works in Brooklyn.

November 4th, 2017.


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