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The Forgotten

This is a performance/dance project that stages the idea of  oblivion in relation to space, time, perception and territoriality. In this piece, we explore the use of the body as a migratory tool, a surface, a territory, but also a place to be forgotten; overlapping video projections and sounds, that determinate the course, the path of our bodies and the audience during the piece. This piece explores the notions of rootlessness, exile, and oblivion as an embodiment of invisibility, which we present not only as an internal journey, but also as a social and political phenomenon, crossing boundaries between body and social practices.

Vanessa & Marisabel

Vanessa Vargas is a venezuelan dancer, performer, educator and researcher, investigating dance and performance in social practices under the scope of culture studies and critical theory since 2004. My work transits between dance and performance in interdisciplinary and collaborative practices. My scholarly interest focuses on the sociological aspects of movement. I have worked for several dance companies and institutions and taught workshops and lectured both in the US and Latin America (MoMa, Wax, Creators Collective, PUCP) for a decade. I hold different academic degrees, including an M.A in ​Social ​R​esearch ​from the UCAB and another M.A in Performance Studies ​from​​ Tisch (NYU).

Marisabel Dávila Lobo is a Venezuelan  interdisciplinaryartist, researcher and performer. 

She explores rituals, communication and art as a vehicle 

for healing communities at risk and comunication through the creation nof spaceswhere the body can engage and relate in different ways. In her works she creates 

worlds in order to be inhabited by theaudiences, she puts herself at the margens of communicativemoments to offer testimony of her transit. She has written a Honored theather play based in the poetic imaginary of Sylvia Plath, in which she started to fix the gap betweendifferent artistic media and comunications studies.  She has made 

an extensive research in poetry, latinamericanliteratura and theather as well she has studied Art Directionfor movies in Cuba always with the intention to explore 

theliminal spaces in her performance Works. 

She has presented her Works in Museo de Bellas Artes (Caracas, Venezuela), Centro de Creación Artística TET (Caracas, Venezuela), Rajatabla and Museo de Ciencia (Caracas, Venezuela).  Marisabel holds an MFA in Art Direction from Escuela de Cine Y TV San Antonio de Los Baños (Cuba) a Laurate in Mass Media and 

Audiovisuals from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. 

The forgotten: Vanessa & Marisabel

Saturday 27th - August, 2017

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