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Signs Of the Apocalypse

New Piece “Signs of the Apocalypse" is a collection of ten contrasting movements, all of short duration. The work is thought of as a catalog: the performer can select which movements to play and in what order and in this way adapt the piece depending on the time available and the experience he aspires to convey. Each movement combines two of these four media: 1. violin, 2. speech, 3. singing voice, 4. prerecorded electronics. Thus, they form the following combinations: 1. violin + speech, 2. violin + singing voice, 3. violin + electronics, 4. solo violin, 5. speech + singing voice, 4. speech + electronics, 5. singing voice + electronics, 6. solo electronics. Some movements repeat material from other movements in order to generate a formal arc between them. The electronic recordings include samples of real sounds (from both the violin and the violinist's voice) and sounds produced by electronic synthesis. The text and the general atmosphere of the work evoke the idea of ​​the end of the world: a period of violence, confusion, abuse, vices and environmental pollution. In spite of everything, there are moments of introspection and irony.

Icli Zitella & Charlotte Munn - Wood

Icli Zitella 


Venezuelan composer Icli Zitella studied composition in his home city, Caracas. He then completed a Masters degree at Manhattan School of Music in New York City. He worked as a violinist with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Venezuela and served as Music Theory Professor at Mozarteum-Caracas School of Music. He was awarded First \Prize in the National Piano Composition Competition “Moisés Moleiro” (Caracas, 1992) and the Municipal Music Prize (Caracas, 2010). In 1999, he won a grant from the UNESCO-ASCHBERG for an internship at The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. He writes music in a wide variety of styles ranging from the classical and traditional to the popular and experimental. His works include concert and chamber pieces for various ensembles, electronic music, film scores and incidental music.

Charlotte Munn-Wood

Violinist & professional noisemakers


Munn-Wood has collaborated as a soloist and chamber musician with composers Sampo Haapamäki, Sam Pluta, Zae Munn, Emily Praetorius, Sid Richardson, Halldór Smárason, Michael Harrison, Dan Trueman, and Venezuelan composer Icli Zitella.

Munn-Wood is a founding member of du.0, a two-violin folk-noise duo with Aimee Niemann. This spring, the duo will continue their involvement with the Vyuga Project, a cross-medium, semi-improvised theater production, as well as present their own concert of newly commissioned works. Munn-Wood also appears regularly with the Curiosity Cabinet, most recently in the group’s collaboration with UK-based BitterSuite in a multi-sensory performance of Debussy’s string quartet. Munn-Wood is a recent graduate of the Contemporary Performance Program at the Manhattan School of Music, where she studied with Dr. Curtis Macomber.

Saturday, July 23th at 7:00pm


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